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Fact Sheet
HCA EPSDT Fact Sheet
This HCA factsheet address the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (ESPDT) program and how children access EPSDT services. The fact sheet also addresses other Medi-Cal programs that provide special services to children under 21.
NHeLP’s Defending Medicaid & the ACA Publications
This is a master list of NHeLP's Medicaid and ACA defense publications, including analysis of recent ACA repeal proposals, our CA and Federal Protect Medi-Cal Funding series and publications on the importance of Medicaid.
Continuity of Care in Medi-Cal
Managed Care in CA #6: Continuity of Care rules allow Medi-Cal beneficiaries to continue receiving treatments (including medications) or seeing a prior providers without having to go through additional prior authorization for a period of time after a transition.
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