Senate Bill would leave CA $115 Billion short

In an LA Times article, Jennifer Kent, the director of California’s Medi-Cal program said the Senate bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, “takes a sledgehammer to the improvements we have made in our state’s healthcare delivery system…. The long-term impact of this bill cannot be understated: It is simply devastating.”

According to the California Healthline, California would face the biggest losses of any state.  The article goes on to say, “Federal funding would drop by 26 percent over 10 years, the report said. Many states, including Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Florida, would face a drop of less than 10 percent.”

Medi-Cal’s annual budget is $107 billion and it provides health coverage to 1 in 3 Californians.  The LA Times report says that under the Senate proposal, California would face an extra $3 billion in costs in 2020, which would grow to $30 billion by 2027.

Faced with such drastic cuts to funding, Mari Cantwell told the California Healthline, “Nothing is safe — no population, no services…. It is really disheartening and honestly horrifying to think about the world under this Senate bill and what it would mean.”





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