Op-Ed: Obamacare repeal would hit California’s Central Valley hard

State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez wrote an op-ed piece in the L.A. Times describing a trip to Bakersfield how the personal stories of Central Valley residents illuminated how much the Affordable Care Act has helped this region, and the state.

Few regions have benefited more from the Affordable Care Act than these four counties. The law brought coverage to 331,000 people here, along with 15,000 new healthcare-related jobs.

As I drove up and over the Tehachapi Mountains to my valley — the San Gabriel — I couldn’t get one of Otero’s statements out of my head. “We are not asking for much,” she said. “Decent healthcare. Don’t take it away. Make it better.”

Are you in the Central Valley?  The HCA provides free consumer assistance with health care questions in every county: from getting coverage to accessing care to medical debt.  Our partners in this area–California Rural Legal Assistance, Central California Legal Services, Greater Bakersfield Legal Services, and Legal Services of Northern–all share in providing their expertise and assistance to their communities.

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