AHCA’s Medicaid Cuts Would Harm the Elderly & Disabled

The GOP’s bill to repeal the ACA, known as the “Affordable Health Care Act,” proposes massive and devastating cuts to Medicaid funding nationwide.  This not just to the adults who got coverage under Medicaid expansion.  The AHCA would cut Medicaid funding to those groups that Medicaid was designed to cover and protect since its beginning.

Kaiser Health News has an article about how Medicaid is vital to helping people with disabilities have active lives in the community.  The AHCA’s proposed cuts to Medicaid would jeopardize that.

Nodvin can live independently because of these services that are covered in Georgia under Medicaid, the government health insurance for people with disabilities and the poor. . . . “As you can see, my life is very full. I work, live and play in the community. My dream is to continue this healthy and useful life. Thank you,” he read. . . .

But that dream is uncertain. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the proposed cuts to Medicaid in the Obamacare repeal bill that passed the House of Representatives amounts to $834 billion over 10 years

The AHCA would also take away health coverage from 5 million older Americans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Even though the AHCA is still not the law, people are terrified about losing the coverage they have now.  Call the Health Consumer Alliance to learn more about your existing health coverage options.

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