The AHCA repeal plan will harm California

The Modesto Bee has a great article today summarizing the impacts of the current repeal and replace proposal, the American Health Care Act.

“Beside phasing out the Medicaid expansion, which added 3.5 million residents to the Medi-Cal rolls in California, the GOP would fundamentally change federal funding for state Medicaid programs, by giving a set amount per enrollee or providing block grants. California’s Medicaid program is called Medi-Cal.

Health advocates warn the state will have to cut back on services for parents and children, and safety-net hospitals will experience serious cuts in Medi-Cal funding.”

The article highlights remarks made by HCA member, Jen Flory:

Jen Flory of Western Center on Law and Poverty said the ACA resulted in a streamlined application for getting people into the appropriate health program and made it easier to stay in programs. But that could be undone with the GOP bill.

Read the entire article here:
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