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Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County [NLSLA] was a godsend. I was so grateful to have the input and advice…. I am so thankful for the work of NLSLA… Thank you for helping me resolve a bizarre issue – one which I would have no idea of how to rectify on my own.

Consumer who was assisted in challenging a potential tax penalty caused by a glitch in the Covered California system

The Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) offers free assistance over-the-phone or in-person to help people who are struggling to get or maintain health coverage and resolve problems with their health plans.

It is important to get the healthcare and benefits that your family needs. If you are concerned about Medi-Cal because of immigration status or for any other reason, please call the Health Consumer Alliance at 888-804-3536 for a free, confidential consultation and information.
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California To Pay About $1.3 Billion For Medicaid Expansion In First Year of State Contributions

California will contribute about $1.3 billion to its Medi-Cal expansion this year, a new expenditure

CA tried High Risk Pools…and it was bad

The GOP proposes an AHCA plan that has already failed in California.

CHIP Offers Families with Seriously Ill Kids More Financial Protection Than ACA Plans

Kids with chronic conditions are especially vulnerable to health insurance changes. A new study finds

Why some Medi-Cal patients can’t go to UC Davis Medical Center

HCA members spoke out against this practice in Sacramento County

Take Care: Your Taxes & Health Coverage

The HCA can help you sort it out.

Words cannot describe how hopeful I felt after speaking with you regarding the despair we felt.

Consumer who was incorrectly charged $200,000 for an emergency triple coronary bypass surgery

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